Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm the worst blogger ever! I keep meaning to update about the move but I've been too busy going on walkies and chasing sun spots. Sorry!

We're all settled into the house and its tiny back yard! The yard is like 1/3 the size of our old yard but mom says that's tough cookies and we all have to deal. Hmmmfph!

Here's a pic of our new sub. We can see this really cool hill and we can also see Mt. St. Helen and Mt. Hood.

The new house has tons of big windows that let in lots of sun. It is a Boston's dream come true. Here I am showing how much I love the sun.

The weather has been pretty crappy so far but hopefully it gets nicer soon so we can all go to the beach and I can feed Stewage to the sharks.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holy Toledo!

Long time, no blog! It's been really, really hectic here. But, good news: we are *finally* Portland bound! Mom, grandma, the brat and me leave in a week to move into our new home (well, grandma's not moving, she's just helping us move). Then dad will come out a few days after we arrive bringing the smelly beagle and stewage.

Goodbye, Ohio and good riddance!