Sunday, May 25, 2008

oh. my. dog.

please. make. them. stop. please.

Mom, Dad and Grandma went shopping for the new puppy. Nothing. That's what I got. And then someone said, "Oh, no, Martha. We bought you a stroller so you don't have to walk." Seriously. They think this is funny. It's not. I'm moving to Minnesota to be with Ikes because I know his 'rents would never pull this crap.

p.s. The photos were taken by my Dad. They turned out really well considering he is not a photog. Mom said he's learning. I still hate them both right now.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a winner

OMD you guys! I was the weekly winner in Sophie & Dixie's Modeling Contest. I am so very honored! There were so many wonderful photos and so much tuff competition!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I feel pretty!

Oh so pretty!

Don't I look absolutely lovely in the clothes Ikes picked for me?

I told Mom she is done being lazy! Next week we're going to get back to blogging and visiting the sites for all my blogging friends. I told her that's the way it's gonna be, whether she likes it or not.

On another note, my Mom's friend, Corinne, sent us some really neat gifts. Mom got an awesome candle and a funny card and I got treats and Loofah dogs and pink tennis balls! This photo was taken from Mom's new Canon s5. She wanted a P&S for when the new puppy arrives because Dad's too incompetent to use the 1d, er I mean it'll be easier to handle when the new puppy arrives.