Saturday, January 12, 2008

My family

A couple of you have mentioned that you thought I was an only child. I am not. I have four siblings. Sometimes I wish I was an only but for the most part, I really like having my family to beat up, er I mean, play with.

Bunny is my 7 year old beagle sister. Mom calls her St. Bunny because she is so patient and tolerant.

Toby is my 9 year old coonhound/whippet mix brother. He's not very dog-like and Mom calls him a p#$@k sometimes but he's not too bad. He does what I tell him and that's all that matters.

Ernies is my 7 year old beagle brother. He's really, really, really bad. Really bad. Like, the baddest beagle to ever walk the planet. B-A-D.

And you all know KST. He's a dork but he makes an awesome punching bag. Here's a photo of him on his first day here. I made sure to let him know *I* am in charge right away!

And, because it's my blog, here is me. It's me as a baby. Mom said I was cheeky right from the start! My birthday is in March and I'll be 3 years old. Mom & Dad aren't sure of the exact date but they chose March 12 to celebrate; however, I prefer to celebrate a birthday month so the entire month of March is for me. I'd recommend you all start shopping for presents for me now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A girl and her wubba

It's true - wubbas are the *greatest* toy evah. I asked Mom to take some pics of me with mine because I love it so much.

Here I am letting Mom know it's time to put the camera down and play fetch.

However, Mom insisted I pose with the Stewge before playing. I let her know in no uncertain terms I wasn't happy. Mom said I'd better cut the stinkeye like now. Whatevah!

So, do YOU have wubba love?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I'm fine and I was *not* drunk! I have been enjoying the really nice weather we've been having. Yesterday it was 65 and it's supposed to be warm again today. It's like we're in Portland already!

Several peeps have asked me what "KST" stands for and my reply is several things.

KST = Dork
KST = Kan't Show Toofers
KST = Kan't Swiftly Think
KST = Keeps Simple Thoughts
KST = Keep Stuffed in Trunk

I hope that clears up the name issue!

And, because it's my blog, here's a photo of me.

Martha's Mom here: KST *really* stands for Kilgore "Stewie" Trout. He was originally named Kilgore Trout but when he arrived home, it quickly became clear that he was really a Stewie. He answers to Stewie, Stewart and Kilgore AND DORK! <----EDITED BY MARTHA

Monday, January 7, 2008

i's nose you cant sees me...

...cuz i's pretending to be a stuffy but i's here. its taken me long time to recover from nye. vodka ruff stuff! i's thinks Marfa is still sicks. oy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you all drank less than me!