Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Halloween costume

I had to recruit Bunny & KST for this year's Halloween costume. They were good sports, don't ya think?

So what are you all going to be for Halloween?


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Martha...
me and my Mom can't stop laughing!!! like real hard!!! I can't believe you had time to be so creative AND plan a wedding!!! You are amazing!!!

Happy Halloween...Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG Martha! You're a riot! How did you ever come up with something this clever! hehehehehe

Love ya lots,

Joe said...

OMDOG this is the best thing EVER! hahaha.

Mom wanted to let you know that she found us something to wear for the wedding. It is pink and there is a bowtie, but its not a tux. I hope its ok because I am saying again it is freakin PINK and has a BOWTIE. I will get over it with some therapy I am sure.

Emily said...

That is THE best Halloween costume I've seen so far! I love everyone's character.. especially KST's!

Sophie Brador said...

Excellent! You don't even need to be drunk to laugh at that. Bravo Martha! Excellent photo!


Luckie Girl said...

I love PINK too!! I haven't got a costume for Halloween. I think i'll just go as myself and scare the crap out of others! LOL!
How is your wedding planning coming along? It's like 3 days more!!

Ike said...

Oh my dog - Martha, you are so funny. I loves you.

Stanley said...

Martha Girl!

YOU ARE KILLIN' ME, GIRL!! For a laugh like that, *I'd* even dress up in a costume. You are the best mad scientist EVER! (Hope Ike knows what he's getting himself into... a barrel of Martha laughs!)

Can't wait for your wedding day, sweetness!

Goob love,

Pee Ess
Where'd you find a skin head small enough for you?

Balboa & Mommy said...

What great costumes, I just can't stop laughing.

Frenchie Snorts

Seadra & Zoe said...

Wow, how in the world did you get all 3 of you to pose so wonderful like that? Mom can't get the two of us to post together.

Martha, you are the best costume I've seen so far this year!!

LOL....Seadra and Zoe

Ralph said...

You're such a cool pup Martha! And your mom's a great photographer, is she a professional? I think you're a professional model :-)


Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

Wow Martha! You make an amazing Mad Scientist! We hardly recognized you. We are just going to go au natural this year. Mom's been too busy to buy Halloween Candy for us to hand out, much less costumes. But you guys look super!
Ozzie & Rocky

Ike said...

Did you get your present yet?

Ike said...

I'm so glad you love it. I'm sorry it's not he one in the picture. My mom said I would have to work like 20 hours a day for the rest of my life to even try to pay off the platinum one and then when would I sleep and look at blogs?

Suki Sumo said...

OMD that is the best costume ever!

Jake of Florida said...


If you check out our blog around Howl-O-Ween time you'll see that great minds think alike. We too decided that world domination was our thing, and went to the Salem party as, guess who, Pinky and the Brain.

So, once you and Ike come back from your honeymoon, perhaps we can all get together and see about achieving our common goal.

Terriers rule!!!

Jake (the Brain) and Just Harry (Pinky) two wire fox terriers from South Florida, aka the Barkalot Boyz.